Revised Intellectual Identity Statement

The Section on Political Economy of the World-System (PEWS) brings together scholars animated by the critical study of global capitalism and other historical social systems. The Section seeks to foster analyses that accommodate multiple scales of political economy and are attentive to long-term world-system dynamics. These include, for example, macro-historical analyses such as the comparative study of world-systems over time, as well as studies that situate contemporary phenomena within their global and historical contexts. Building from this shared commitment to the use of political economy as a core analytical frame, PEWS members also explore the intersection of political economic dynamics with the historical development of inequalities including race and ethnicity; sex, gender, and sexuality; and empire and (neo)colonialism. PEWS scholarship is thus wide-ranging but marked by attention to understanding change across space and time as both patterned and historically contingent. As a section of ASA, PEWS is an inclusive community of sociologists interested in the political economy of the world-system broadly conceived. At the same time, PEWS maintains its legacy of radical critique of disciplinary boundaries, and thus embraces diverse disciplinary, epistemological, theoretical, and methodological approaches. We welcome members with wide-ranging substantive interests in world historical perspectives and are strongly committed to promoting a diverse membership.

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