Welcome to the ASA Political Economy of the World-System Section!

The PEWS is a unique section of the American Sociological Association. The core interests of those in the section are to explain the production and reproduction of asymmetric power relations and macro and micro-level inequalities in their world-historical context.
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Section News

Reimagining PEWS Proposal

The PEWS Council invites the membership to consider a new proposal to reinvigorate the Section through a series of programmatic and governance changes, as well as an amendment to the PEWS identity statement. Please visit our blog http://www.asapews.org/blog/ to join the conversation!

ASA Sessions and Call for 2018 PEWS Section Awards

We have two PEWS sessions at this year’s ASA. We have a session titled “Intersectionality in World-Historical Perspective,” and another titled “Uneven Developments: Power, Capital and Nature in the Modern World-System." The session organizers are Mara Fridell, Northern Arizona University, and Jason W. Moore, Binghamton University for “Intersectionality in World-Historical Perspective” and Jason W. Moore, Binghamton University and Amy Quark, College of William & Mary for “Uneven Developments: Power, Capital and Nature in the Modern World-System."

The PEWS Section solicits nominations (including self-nominations) for the 2018 Best Book Award, Best Scholarly Article Award, Best Graduate Student Paper Award and Distinguished Teaching Award. Please visit the Call for Section Awards: 2018 for additional details, including the award descriptions and current committees. The book, article and paper awards recognize books/articles/papers published in 2016 or 2017. For the Graduate Student Paper Award, a previous ASA presentation counts as a publication if the paper was included in the archive. When nominating an article, book or paper, please include a brief comment (a couple of paragraphs) on its contributions to the field. Nominations for article and paper awards should be sent electronically to the entire committee. Both electronic nomination letters for the book award, and hard copies of the nominated book, should be sent to the entire committee.

The deadline for all nominations is March 1, 2018. Please direct any inquiries to the respective committee chair.

PEWS Survey Report

At the PEWS Council meeting in August 2016, the Council decided to conduct a survey to assist us in our efforts to deal with the problem of declining membership. The Council created a committee to conduct the survey consisting of Rob Clark, Matthew Mahutga, Victoria Reyes and John Talbot. The committee developed a survey instrument designed to ascertain the impressions of the PEWS section among current PEWS members, former members, and ASA members who had never been PEWS members but who might be interested in joining. The survey was distributed in November 2016 to PEWS members and was sent to the chairs of fifteen ASA sections that we identified as having some overlap of interests with PEWS. The chairs were asked to send the survey to their members. We received a total of 398 responses.

The full report is located here.

Call for Editorship Proposals for the Journal of World-Systems Research

The Journal of World-Systems Research is the official journal of the Political Economy of World-Systems (PEWS) Section of the American Sociological Association. The PEWS Publications Committee is seeking proposals for a new editorial team. The journal, available free online, has established a strong reputation in the publication of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on global social change and world-systems analysis (see The Journal of World-Systems Research Website). Ideally the new Editor(s) would have tenure at a research university and would be able to obtain financial support and course releases from their university for the publication of the journal. The PEWS Publications Committee will review all proposals and will make the decision regarding the editorial transition by no later than May 1, 2018. Members of the PEWS Publications Committee are: Chris Chase-Dunn (Chair), Mara Fridell, Marion Dixon, Jackie Smith, Ben Marley and Michaela Curran. Proposals should be submitted no later than March 15, 2018 to Chris Chase-Dunn at chriscd@ucr.edu.

Additional details, including a FAQ, can be found here.


Membership in the Political Economy of the World System Section is open to any member of the American Sociological Association. Section membership is $22 for regular members, $8 for student members, and $13 for low-income members, which includes support for the official section journal, the Journal of World-Systems Research.

Join Online: To join the ASA and/or the PEWS section online, go to the ASA Membership Information Website. On this webpage log in with your member number and last name (all lower case), then click on "Join a Section" and add the Political Economy of the World-System section (Section 17).

Need help? If you are uncertain about your membership status in either the ASA or the PEWS Section or need any other assistance, contact ASA membership services: